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  • Michelle Samoraj

You are what you digest

I love this...

Using a simple metaphor that compares the process of digestion to rice cooking in a saucepan, Dr. Korde M.D., Ayurveda explains how eating between meals creates digestive disorders. It is important to allow rice to cook properly to render it edible for consumption. It is easy to imagine what were to happen if a handful of rice grains were periodically tossed into the pan while the rice is cooking. The end result would be a complete mess, with over-cooked rice, partially-cooked rice, under-cooked rice, burnt rice and sticky rice all in the same pot. Similarly, if we keep ingesting mouthfuls of food between meals, the digestive process would go completely awry. If you munch something off and on, it creates a mess inside. The stomach is forced to leave the previously eaten meal half-digested and attend to the newly ingested food. This happens every time you snack between meals. With this stop-and-go process, the eventual outcome is that this results in material that can neither be digested by the body, nor can it be properly eliminated from the body, and this is the beginning of digestive problems.

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