Challenge #3: No snacking between meals

I can't believe we are on the 3rd Challenge already! Here's a tough one. So hugely important for good digestion and I'll explain why in posts over the next two days. For now eat your meals with the intention of not eating again for 3-4 hours. IE. You finish breakfast at 9am- make a mental note that lunch is at 1pm. It's like having even mini-er challenges throughout the day! Yay 😀 Hydrating between meals is essential- that is the time to drink herbal teas or plain warm water

Challenge #2: Drink a glass of hot water in the morning

It is a healthy habit to drink either hot or luke warm water first thing in the morning, which is known in Ayurveda as Ushapan. It cleanses and awakens the digestive tract, flushes toxins, hydrates the tissues and encourages a bowel movement. Ayurvedic philosophy believes the first item you ingest sets the mood for the remainder of the day. Keeping to a scheduled wake up time is a good idea as it gets your body and mind set in a rhythm to gracefully begin your daily activitie

Quiting Sugar... You vs. You

Look at it like this... We have gut bacteria that lives on sugar and it communicates with our brain. When it feels threatened it will be sending all kinds of messages to the brain in the form of CRAVINGS. One of the many wonderful things about Ayurveda is becoming aware of who you truly are. Listen to the chatter in your head because OH BABY IT WILL BE THERE! What “messages” are you getting? What rationales? When you go stand in the kitchen what are those little guys that are


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