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Cooking Eggs

Nutrition Consultations

In-depth Doshic evaluation: What is your natural state of being and how are you balanced/imbalanced currently.
Herbs are natures medicine. Learn about natural remedies for immunity or other conditions.

Guided Seasonal Cleanses

Time to tap into the rhythms of nature! Cleanses clear the body’s channels, strengthen digestion, clear Ama (toxins) and break negative habits and their effect on the body.

Classes & Workshops

Small group workshops to learn how to prepare some basic recipes (and remedies) to promote better health, lose weight, and deal with common ailments and imbalances.

Yoga at Home
Caucasian woman stretching her hands, wa
Friends hiking through the hills of Los

Pranayama & Meditation Practice

Pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation have enormous benefits when used to reduce stress, lose weight or even to run up that hill!

Color Consultation & Sacred Space Design

A major part of sticking with a morning or evening routine, whether it's yoga, stretching, journaling or just a place to wind down away from technology in the evening, is having that "sacred space".


Time to get away from it all and reset!
Without the stresses of daily life and technology we have a higher state of self awareness and that's a great place to work on mental and emotional patterns that are not serving us.

Let the JOURNEY begin!

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